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Greetings from...Cabinets & Doors Direct, Inc.

It is our privilege doing business with you! Cabinets & Doors Direct has been making high quality and competitive pricing cabinets and doors, and providing good lead time for cabinet makers and contractors nationwide.  We welcome and appreciate your patronage.

Our Services:

We specialize in designing and manufacturing great quality cabinet doors. We provide our customers with great services, excellent quality doors, and timely delivery. Every order is handled with personal care, especially rush orders, we know how important it is for our customers when a few more doors are needed to finish a job for the final payment. Because each of our door is custom-made to the specifications and needs of our customers, we do not stock finished products.

Price Quote - Good for 30 Days

Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for a Free Quote on any regular or special items. Special items include: Special wood species, Corner Susan,Wainscot, Matching of door or designs, and any item different from our normal designs.

Ordering Information & Confirmations:

For easy and accurate ordering, please use our updated order form. To avoid any mistakes, please check the heading information and the entire order carefully before placing and order. After an order is placed, any changes MUST be made within 24 hours. Once the wood for an order have been cut, no change(s) can be made without additional charge. Our Customer Service Department is available at (626)279-7500 Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am - 4:30pm PST, except holidays. Our 24 hour fax is (626)279-7700.


Ordering Method:

All orders must be confirmed and signed by the customer before they can be processed.

  1. Phone Orders – Your order will be read back to you immediately for confirmation. You are responsible for any clarifications or corrections that are not made during the read-back confirmation.
  2. Fax Orders – After receiving your fax order, we will process it and fax you a confirmation. If, for any reason you do not receive your order confirmation within 24 hours, please call us.
  3. Walk-in orders – You are responsible for checking your order form for errors before signing it. Your signature indicates that you have read and confirmed the order to be correct, and approved Cabinets & Doors Direct, Inc. to manufacture your products.


Order Payment & Tax:

All payment terms are COD unless a credit account with Cabinets & Doors Direct has been established. Orders exceeding $1,000 (US Dollars) from new require a 50%(of the order’s total cost) deposit by cash or cashier check. Unless we have proof of the customer’s original resale card on our file prior to billing, all sales are taxable. Any invoice error must be presented, in writing, to Cabinets & Doors Direct, Inc. within 15 days of the order date.

***Any bounced check will be charged a $20 service fee***


Ordering Terminology & General Manufacturing Guidelines

  1. Door Size -- When you order Door Size, the size you order is the size we manufacture. The following must be ordered Door Size: Wainscot panel, appliance, lazy Susan, 30 degree Back Edge Detail, and lipped doors.
  2. Opening Size -- When ordering Opening Size, 1" is added to the width and height for most of the doors, except for lipped door, in which 1/2" is added to the width and height.
  3. Natural -- This category may contain sapwood, pink knots, small and large stave pieces, mineral streaks, and some color variations.
  4. Paint Grade -- This category may have large color variation, small and/or large pieces, and mineral streaks. Putty fill and natural defects are acceptable. Our standard paint grade material is Poplar; other materials are available upon request with additional charge.
  5. Select -- This category contains materials that are chosen for more uniformity than would be found in Natural category.
  6. All door prices are charged per square foot, and computed to the nearest hundredth of a foot.
  7. All doors ordered as Standard Pair (SP) will have the width divided by two. For example, if you order a Standard Pair of 24"W x 20"H Door Size, then you will get two Single (S) doors of 12"W x 20"H.
  8. Traditional doors exceeding 48" in height will have a center rail installed, unless specified otherwise. Such doors without a center rail are not guaranteed by our warranty policy.
  9. Center Stile and Rail are not available for Mitered Doors. Please consider this fact and design your door within the maximum width and height limit.
  10. All doors maybe cut for glass, unless otherwise noted; however not all doors have French Lites, please refer to each door's specifications.
  11. When ordering with a special grain or color, additional charge will be added to your order, and a sample must be supplied to us for reference. Because wood is natural, achieving an exact match is not always possible.
  12. Wainscot panel and doors with additional stiles will be charged an additional  25%.
  13. We do not guarantee any doors and drawer fronts exceeding the maximum width and height, and any traditional doors taller than 48" without a center rail (free of charge) are also not guaranteed by our policy.
  14. Any drawer fronts wider than 33" in width OR taller than 10" in height are not guaranteed from twist or warp.
  15. All drawer fronts and doors are constructed to the nearest 1/16", unless you specified "exact size" which has a 1/32" tolerance.
  16. We use A1, 5.2 plywood for most of the recessed doors, except for Mahogany and Walnut which are one sided plywood. Our standard depth from the top of the fame to the top of the panel is 3/8", unless specified otherwise.
  17. An arched rail at the bottom is available for doors that do not offer a comparable double arched or Deluxe Door. (Single arched door price  +15%)
  18. Depending on the quantity and quality of the plywood, the plywood specifications are subjected to change without notice. Please inform us of any specific requirements you may have (plain sliced, rotary, rift, etc...), and an additional charge may apply.

Warranty Guidelines :

The Quality of our doors can be guaranteed ONLY if the appropriate care of the following specifications are taken ( Appropriate Treatments of doors and drawer fronts, include but are not limited to):

  1. Installment in areas that are of appropriate temperature and humidity (not too hot, cold, arid, humid, or in direct sunlight).
  2. Installment in areas that are NOT moist and/or freshly plastered.
  3. Installment in areas where structural strength of the doors or drawers fronts are NOT compromised when fitting and applying hardware.
  4. Adequate and timely application of finishes to all parts of the doors or drawer fronts to avoid loss or unequal absorption of moisture.
  5. Special variation requests from our standard construction parameters are NOT guaranteed.
  6. Twists are evaluated by measuring the door face against a true plane surface. A warp or twist of 3/16" is not considered a defect.
  7. All warranty claims must be inspected by our authorized representative BEFORE finishes are applied or correction method are taken.
Our  warranty honors replacement or correction, whichever deems appropriate, of products that are in good original conditions and unfinished state. Cabinets & Doors Direct, Inc. is NOT responsible for any delays that are caused by factors beyond our control. These factors include but are not limited to natural disasters, unanticipated accidents, power outage, labor strike, unanticipated damage to our machineries or factory, and shortage of materials. Under this warranty policy, our liability is limited to the net invoice of the products we sold.

Delivery and Shipping Schedules:

  1. We do not deliver on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Good Friday.
  2. Most of the orders, within a 40 miles radius, can be delivered by our trucks. Please check with our Customer Service for delivery date in your area. Our delivery charge is 35 cents per piece with a minimum of $10 handling fee.
  3. Order less than 10 pieces or out of our delivery range, will be shipped through UPS or Common Carriers, and the charge are calculated by weight and added to the invoice at the time of shipment (a $10 minimum handling fee applied). Common Carriers orders are shipped freight collect. Our packaging standards surpass those of UPS, but we do not guarantee UPS shipment. We can, however assist you in your effort to make any appropriate claims against non-Cabinets & Doors' Carriers.
  4. If, for any reason, you are not present to receive your product at the first delivery, you must re-schedule for delivery with additional charge.
  5. Upon receiving your order, customers must inspect all products IMMEDIATELY. Any product missing or damaged must be communicated to the delivery person or our office during the inspection. We are NOT responsible for missing or damaged products found after your inspection.
  6. Will Call order must be picked up on time; we are not responsible for any door left at the Will Call more than one week after the scheduled pick-up date. You will be billed for the full invoice plus storage fee for any orders that are not picked up after the due date.

Final Note:

Your signature on the order form is proof of your approval for the orders and agreement to pay for the full cost of the order. All orders are custom made; they cannot be canceled or refunded.

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